IPL Hair Removal

The target chromophore for the hair removal application is melanin which is most sensitive to light in the 525-1064nm spectrum. Pulses of light transmitted from the Trios™’s light guide are absorbed by the melanin in the hair and transformed into heat. Thermal energy is simultaneously channelled towards the targeted area, gently raising the hair follicle temperature to coagulation point. The absorbed heat reaching the hair follicle impairs its ability to produce new hair. Maintaining the correct wave length and pulse duration is imperative for this focused activity which ensures the destruction of the hair follicle at its core without damaging surrounding tissue.


Is Trios™ right for me?
Trios™ offers a variety of aesthetic applications including long term hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, acne clearance and skin pigmentation treatments that target sun damage and age spots. During your consultation phase, the IPL Technician will be able to best determine your needs.

Does it hurt?
Any phototherapy treatment involves slight discomfort. Sensitivities are individual and most clients describe the sensation as a rubber band snap. Trios™ offers unrivalled comfort and minimal pain in phototherapy procedures. Prior to the treatment, the IPL Technician applies a cooling gel to the treatment area so you may only feel a slight stinging.

Are there any side effects?
Some clients may experience slight redness or a burning sensation in the treatment area. This is a completely normal response and usually disappears within a few hours. Aloe vera gel may be applied post treatment to cool the skin. Most clients experience no additional side effects.

How many treatments are required?
Long-Term Hair Removal – A treatment course consists of 6-10 treatments (depending on the treatment area) at 4-6 week intervals. After the third or fourth treatment session, intervals may be extended to once every 2-3 months, depending on rate of hair re-growth. Maintenance treatments may be recommended once every 6 months.

What does the treatment involve?
After the initial consultation, a test patch procedure will be performed to determine suitability for treatment and to evaluate the ideal treatment program. The IPL Technician and client are provided with eye protection during the test and gel is applied to the treatment area. Using the specific TriosTM hand piece, the IPL Technician will perform a small number of pulses on the skin; clients may feel a slight burning or tingling sensation. As some clients are more sensitive than others, aloe vera gel or post IPL cream may be applied if the skin reddens.

Is there anything clients need to do post treatment?
Your IPL Technician will be able to provide you with specific post treatment instructions, depending on the specific treatment and site. In general however, clients undergoing IPL treatments are advised to avoid sun exposure and sun beds for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment course and after each treatment session. A minimum of SPF30 should be applied on exposed treated areas during the entire treatment course.

When will I see results?
In the hair removal application, clients will notice a thinning of the hair 2-3 weeks after the first treatment. Percentage of hair growth is normally reduced by 20% after each treatment.

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Pre Pay 6 Sessions




Bikini (pant line)



Extended Bikini









Naval line






Upper Lip






Lip & Chin



Sides of Face



Front of Neck



Full Face



Full Leg including Bikini



Lower Leg (to the knee)



Lower Leg Incl. Knee



Upper Leg



Hands & Fingers



Full Arms



Half Arms






Chest & Abs



Neck & Shoulders



Back of Neck only



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