Massage Spa & Sauna

Aromatherapy Swedish Massage
Full Body (75mins) $180 (60mins) - $125 / Back, Neck & Shoulder (30mins) - $75
A massage using aromatherapy oils that are designed to invigorate your mind, soothe away all those troublesome aches & pains & to restore balance. For a more relaxing treatment try a soak in our Geisha Petite Hydrotherapy Spa before your massage to unwind, relax the muscles & increase circulation. This helps with the detox process & will greatly benefit your massage treatment.

Warm Bamboo Massage
Full Body (60 mins) - $137 / Back, Neck & Shoulder (30mins) - $80
Warm bamboo massage has been popular for thousands of years in China. Enjoy an incredibly relaxing massage using the healing properties of warm bamboo to release knots & relax tense muscles. Counter the effects of stress, tension & tiredness while enjoying the sensory journey.

JOYA® Crystal Massage Therapy
Full Body (60 mins) - $137 / Back, Neck & Shoulder (30mins) - $90

Mer & Sens Hot Stone Massage
Full Body (60 mins) - $147 / Back, Neck & Shoulders (30 mins) - $90
Basalt stones are warmed and combined with aromatherapy massage oil to melt away stress and tension. A deeply soothing, relaxing experience for tired aching bodies. The heat from the stones warms and relaxes the muscles, and this allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure when required. The warmth also improves circulation and calms the nervous system.

Indian Head Massage (30 mins) - $75
Indian head massage originated in India over 1000 years ago & is based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. The perfect massage to relieve stress & tension & leave the mind, body & spirit rejuvenated. Works on the upper back, shoulders & neck, scalp, ears & face

Fijian Scalp Massage (30 mins) - $75
A traditional Fijian coconut bowl is used to slowly drizzle warmed exotic nut oils that are then massaged gently into the scalp and neck restoring balance and leaving hair shiny and healthy.

Geisha Petite Hydrotherapy Spa $45
Experience our unique Geisha Petite Hydrotherapy Spa. Unwind as your stress & tension floats away & your body is gently massaged easing away muscular aches & pains. Aids in fluid retention & increases circulation leaving you feeling totally relaxed & de-stressed. Great treatment to have before a massage or facial to allow you to completely let all your worries slip away & gain a deeper state of relaxation.

Far Infra-Red Sauna (30 mins) $40 (not currently available due to Covid)
Refresh your mind, body & spirit with our innovative sauna all the way from Austria. Very different to a traditional sauna in that far infra-red is used which is very healing for the body. Can help accelerate weight control, increases blood & lymphatic circulation, improves the immune system, reduces chronic fatigue & more. Includes colour therapy. The only sauna recommended by doctors.

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